SBS Winner Yorkshire

Theo Paphitis SBS Yorkshire Based Winner – Martin Mullen

I first joined Twitter on 25th January 2014 and at the time, I was purely using it for personal use.

Then fast forward to 2016, and all of a sudden I had multiple businesses contacting me to tell me that I was making a difference to their businesses by engaging and posting their products. As it is something I enjoy doing this felt great and my enjoyment, I believe it shows in my work, as well as on my own Twitter page.

Therefore, after some thought I started “Tweet Master”. This experience of running businesses Twitter accounts and helping them has been amazing and I have enjoyed every second! I am now providing Twitter Consultancy Services for a range of businesses and cannot wait to hear from you! 

Check out the Twitter Consultancy – First T Master Packages that I offer and get in touch! You can also view my Twitter account to see what I’m talking about!

Twitter Consultancy - First T Master

On the 10th September 2017, I was chosen by Theo Paphitis as one of his #SBS winners. This was a fantastic achievement for me. A bonus was meeting him in person at the SBS EVENT 2018.

"I Am One Man, 2 Thumbs & 8 Fingers Making A Difference To Your Social Media"

In March 2018 I changed the account from “Tweet Master” to “FirstTMaster”

To do a job you enjoy everyday and make a difference to the businesses I support, is one of my greatest achievements in life. I thoroughly enjoy this experience.

When I look back to 2014, I never would have thought I would be running a social media business. I am self-taught and absolutely love what I do.

Why choose an SBS Winner for your Social Media Marketing  Manager?

Well I am a Theo Paphitis SBS Winner so proof is in the pudding.

I don’t need to charge the world like some agencies do. I am proud to provide the best value Social Media Marketing packages in Yorkshire, possibly the UK. Get in touch today and see how we can grow your brand using me as your Social Media Marketing Manager.

Martin Mullen - First T Master