Who is FirstTMaster?

I first joined Twitter on 25th January 2014 and at the time, I was purely using it for personal use.

Fast forward to 2016 and I had businesses contacting me telling me I was making a difference by engaging and posting their products. This felt great as it is something I enjoy doing & I believed it shows.

Therefore, after some thought I started “tweet master”. This experience of running businesses accounts, helping them has been one of a kind and I have enjoyed every second.

On the 10th September 2017, I was chosen by Theo Paphitis as one of his #SBS winners. This was a fantastic achievement for me. A bonus was meeting him in person at the SBS EVENT 2018.

"I Am One Man, 2 Thumbs & 8 Fingers Making A Difference To Your Social Media"

In March 2018 I changed the account from “Tweet Master” to “FirstTMaster”

To do a job you enjoy everyday and make a difference to businesses small and large, is one of my greatest achievements in life. I throughly enjoy this experience.

When I look back to 2014, I never would have thought I would be running a social media business. I am self taught and absolutely love what I do.